“Email CoAuthor On Post” WordPress Plugin

I’ve written a nice little WordPress plugin which allows you to email other people besides the author when a blog post is published.  The description of the plugin is pretty basic.

This plugin solves a missing feature in WordPress.  This missing feature is the ability to email the subject or co-author of the blog post when the post which they assisted with is published.  This plugin solves this problem by allowing each blog post to have the ability to email a different email address for each post as it is published.


You can find out more about the WordPress plugin as well as the current build on the Plugin’s page on the WordPress website.

While this plugin is free if you’d like to make a donation to support the continued development of this plugin it would be fantastic.

If you have a bug report, comment or feature request for this plugin please use the contact form below.  You can also check out the support forum hosted on the WordPress site for support from other users.