Split Multi Plan File

Recently I was working with a client, and the client wanted to send me a batch of SQL Server execution plans (about 300 of them) in a single file.  Normally I would just connect to the SQL Server and view the queries from there, but the client hadn’t gotten me VPN access to their network yet, so that wasn’t an option.  I didn’t really want to copy and paste the plans from the text file that they sent me one at a time, so I threw a little app together and figured that I should post it online in case any one else runs into this problem.  Just give it the big text file and point it towards an empty folder then click go.

To get a file for this thing, query for execution plans from the query plan.  Select the column with the plans, copy it and paste it into a text file.  That’s it.  It parses based on the XML of the execution plans.  If you see any problems with the app just let me know.


Download Installer