Critical Alerts Monitoring

My Critical Alerts service is a managed service offering which can be used to monitor servers in your environment which are running Windows Server 2008 or higher and optionally have SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 R2 installed on them.

A light weight software package is installed on the servers which reports back daily as to the state and general health of the server being monitored.  This provides an ongoing configuration assessment which allows for minimal exposure after important updates are released.  The software package also monitors for human error type problems when a server may be accidentally misconfigured in such a way that violates best practices.

Below are just a few of the over 70 conditions which will trigger alerts:

  • An Active Directory domain controller is not replicating data to other domain controllers.
  • Active Directory replication failures.
  • Incorrectly set auditing settings
  • Misconfigured SQL Server database shrink settings
  • File system errors
  • SQL Server Database Corruption Settings not set correctly
  • SQL Server Databases not being backed up
  • SQL Server Database corruption errors

When errors are raised for monitored servers an alert is raised and the error is then reviewed.  After the alert has been reviewed the response will be decided upon by you when you initially setup the service.  We can contact you either via email or via phone to advise you of the error, or we can VPN into your network and begin resolving the issue as part of a prearranged consulting service statement of work.

Rates for the Critical Alerts service are $199 to provision, setup and configure the monitoring service which includes one month of monitoring for that machine.  After that monitoring of each server is only $99 per month.  If you have several machines which need to be monitored be sure to ask about the multi-server discount which can lower your per machine rates even more.

For smaller companies who have a few servers this sort of service is critical.  At this price the cost is much less expensive than having a consultant come onsite several times a month to check the servers logs for errors.  If you were to use a consultant to do these checks you wouldn’t want them done very infrequently so the longer these problems go unfixed the more at risk your company is.

For larger companies that do have an IT person on staff this can free up your staff so they can work on project which help your company grow instead of simply reading through error logs looking for problems.

For more information about the Critical Alerts service please email me and I’ll get you a quote and schedule a time to connect to your servers and install the needed software package.

Updates to the Critical Alerts package are included when the monthly monitoring is current for the server being monitored.  As new alerts are added into the alerting package your servers will be automatically monitored for these new alerts.