vSphere / Hyper-V Health Check

A health check of a vSphere or Hyper-V environment involves checking the overall performance of the enenvironment including real time metrics as well as using historical data as captured by your vCenter and/or SCVMM platforms.  This sort of health check is a good double check to ensure that your enenvironment is running as smoothly as you think that it is, especially when you do not have a full time virtualization expert on staff.

During the health check process the CPU, memory and disk metrics are reviewed looking for high load on any of the monitors as well as over subscription of resources as well as ensuring that the system will maintain high availability in the event of a host failure.

At the completion of the vSphere / Hyper-V Health Check process all the issues which are identified are documented into a report which is handed off to the client which the client’s staff can use to correct the issues.

Pricing for the vSphere / Hyper-V Health Check is fixed at $399 per host computer (the machines which host the virtual machines) and requires a couple of hours of time being connected to the host machine to gather the servers metrics. After the data has been gathered I’ll take the gathered data offline and analyze the data then write your personalized report.  To schedule your vSphere / Hyper-V Health Check please contact me and we’ll get some time scheduled. All health check work is done remotely at a time which is convenient for you.