System Moves and Migrations

Are you planning on moving your systems to another facility?  Are you planning on migrating from physical servers into a virtual platform?  Are you planning on moving to the cloud?

We have a lot of experience moving companies into and out of a variety of hosting solutions.  There are a variety of hosting options available to companies, which simply aren’t known to a lot of people.  There are managed service providers available, there are CoLo facilities where you lease or purchase equipment and host it within the CoLo facility, or you can move the hosted services into the server room or data center within your office facility in all situations using both physical and virtual servers.  No matter the data center move project, I can help you run through the project from beginning to end.  No major data center move should be done without an experienced person involved to help guide you through the process.

If you are thinking about moving, or just want to see if moving is something that you should look at get in contact with us and we’ll discuss your options and make sure that you are using the correct solution for your company in its current size as well as where you are planning on taking your company over the next few years.  When it comes time to do the migration project we can assist you with getting your Windows Servers, Microsoft SQL Servers, VMware or Hyper-V hosts as well as your Storage needs built up at your new site and assist you with migrations with minimal down time to complete the migrations. We have extensive experience moving companies into or out of facilities such as Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, RackSpace, and Cogent to name just a few. As a vendor neutral consultant our goal is to complete a successful migration not to guide you towards any single hosting provider.