Welcome Joey D’Antoni to Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

JoeyI’m pleased to announce that Joey D’Antoni will be joining Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting as a full time employee starting in January. Joey and I have consulted on projects together for several years now, and we have decided that the next step for both Joey and DC&AC was for Joey to join us full time.

Joey is well versed is SQL Server performance tuning and database infrastructure design with over a decade of experience working in both Fortune 500 and smaller firms.  He is frequent speaker at major tech events, and blogger about all topics technology. He believes that no single platform is the answer to all technology problems. He holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Louisiana Tech and an MBA from North Carolina State University.

We are incredibly proud that our first full time consultant is someone with Joey’s skill level and wide knowledge or IT systems including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, VMware, Hyper-V, EMC, NetApp, Dell Compellent, Dell Equalogic, 3Par, and Pure Storage to name just a few.

You can find Joey on Twitter at @jdanton or blogging at joeydantoni.com or via email at joey AT dcac DOT co.

Please join me in welcoming Joey to Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting.

Free Database Indexing Session

That’s right, I said free.  On July 1st, 2014 at 9am Pacific/Noon Eastern I’ll be presenting an hour long session titled “Table Indexing 101” in which we will review some of the basics of SQL Server table indexing and how these indexes can be used to improve performance of your Microsoft SQL Server database applications.

As I stated above, this session is free to attend, all you need to do is sign up in advance.

Registration is limited as the conference provider only supports so many people attending, so please get registered if you wish to attend.



Now Is The Time To Review Disaster Recovery Plans

As we watch the fires which are raging in the San Diego area we should be reminded that now is the time to review our disaster recovery plans. Even if your home or company isn’t located in the San Diego area, the speed at which these fires came up and are spreading through the area should remind us that we should have backup plans for running anything critical in our lives, both our work and our personal lives.

As I sit here in the Houston Airport coming home from TechEd North America the news is my primary source of information about the destruction which is happen around my own home. Thankfully in our case we’ve already got the pets out at a friend’s house, several changes of clothing with us, and our laptops with us. Our data is all backed up to the cloud and is accessible if needed. Not all companies are so lucky. Some of my clients have offices located within the evacuation zone for the current fires and I know what their disaster recovery plans currently look like for the systems in those offices. Some have full disaster recovery plans, while some don’t. Hopefully this will show those companies that do not have disaster recovery plans that it is time to change that policy.

Just because a system isn’t a customer facing system doesn’t mean that it isn’t a critical system. An example would be your email servers. If your internal Exchange system goes offline for several days, how much of a problem is this? Can your remote users continue to work and function without email? Can your company keep ordering supplies at other offices or continue to pay vendors if the finance system isn’t available? I’m guessing that the answer to these questions is “a big one”, “no” and “no”.

Every system that a company has to run its day to day business is a critical system to someone within the company and keeping those systems up and running when the office isn’t available for days at a time is critical to keeping the business running smoothly.

SQL PASS Booth Prize Winner

At the SQL PASS Summit this year we had the privilege of being the co-sponsors of the Consultants Corner booth. As part of our sponsorship we opted to give away a $1000 Amazon Gift card. The winner of this years prize is….

Kerry Tyler Kerry Tyler

So congrats to Kerry, and thank you to everyone who came buy the booth and got scanned and entered into our drawing.



Come See Me At #sqlpass #summit13 Booth 129 and Enter To Win $1000 US


Come visit booth 129 and get your badge scanned for a chance to win a $1000 Amazon gift card. You read that correctly we at the Consultants Corner booth are giving away an Amazon gift card from amazon.com worth $1000 US!

The winner will be announced the week after PASS (give or take, depending on how long it takes for PASS to get us our badge scan information). So be sure to swing by booth 129, get scanned and get entered!

(No need to be present to win, must be able to win, must be legal in your area to enter, it’s your fault if you screw up. Not responsible if you forget to get scanned, the scanner dies, etc. and you don’t win.)

See you at the PASS Summit.


P.S. No you don’t have to see me to enter, just have anyone at the booth scan your badge.

P.P.S. Yes I said booth 119 in a tweet last week. That was wrong, it’s booth 129 (I just checked to be sure).

Read Only Routing Configuration UI

One of the big downsides to using the SQL Server 2012’s AlwaysOn Availability Group feature is that there is no UI to help you configure read only routing. Thankfully there is a fix for this. Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting is happy to announce the first of or AlwaysOn Tools which is the Read Only Routing Configuration tool.

This tool, which is available free of charge can be found here. As additional tools are added to the AlwaysOn Tools this will be updated as needed. For now we are happy to have gotten this first tool out there for general use.


New In-depth SQL Server Health Check

Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting is now offering a second SQL Server Health Check option.  This new In-depth SQL Server Health Check is much more comprehensive then the older health check offering (now called the High Level SQL Server Heath Check).  While the High Level SQL Server Health Check checks settings and basic configuration options for the SQL Server instance to insure that the instance is configured per industry standard best practice, the In-depth Health Check goes much further than this by starting with the same configuration checks and best practices as the High Level SQL Server Health Check but then moves into a much more in depth review of the SQL Server instance.  The database sizes and possible schema problems are identified, indexes are reviewed looking for missing indexes, duplicate indexes and unused indexes.  From there we move to reviewing the wait stats which the instance is reporting as well as reviewing the SQL Queries which are being run against the SQL Server instance that are showing as problem queries.

For more information please review the SQL Server Health Check page or contact us for more information and to get your SQL Server Health Check scheduled.


Now is the time to upgrade those SQL Server 2000 systems


The time for running SQL Server 2000 systems is quickly coming to an end.  Microsoft long ago announced that support for SQL Server 2000 was going to be running out in April 2013.  Well April 2013 is quickly coming upon us.

So what does this mean for line of business systems which are running on SQL Server 2000?  In the short term, probably nothing.  In the longer term it’ll mean that if there’s any sort of performance problem, data corruption problem, etc. Microsoft won’t be providing you any support for the product at all.  Your only choice will be to use an outside consultant who’s comfortable with SQL Server 2000.  And given the age of the product, and the average age of most DBAs at outsourced DBA companies they probably won’t be of much assistance.

If however you are running any system which handles credit card data and that system uses SQL 2000 in any way, you are going to have a problem.  You’ll be out of compliance with your PCI audit as PCI requires that you have support from the software vendors, and as of next month you won’t be.

If you are looking at your systems and seeing SQL Server 2000 in your shop, it’s time to get those systems upgraded.  It you’d like some assistance with getting those systems upgraded, just drop a note to our sales team and we’ll get you started.


Denny Cherry is an EMC Elect Award Winner for 2013

We are pleased to announce that Denny Cherry is adding another IT award to his collection.  EMC has created an award program which is designed to reward members of the community who are influential and knowledgeable about EMC’s products, specifically those who share this knowledge with others.  This award from EMC is called the “EMC Elect” award.  For those who are familiar with Microsoft’s MVP award or VMware’s vExpert award (both of which Denny currently holds), this program is very similar to that.  Much like the other awards the EMC Elect award is an annual award which will be awarded annually to those who deserve it.

Denny has informed EMC and he’s happy to tell you as well that he’s accepted this award for the coming year.


Announcing Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

I’m happy to say that 2012 has been an amazing year for me.  This year I was able to give presentations in England, The Netherlands, Croatia, Poland, and Brazil as well as locations all over the United States.  Thankfully the consulting business has been just as good as the speaking circuit has been.  Because of this I’m making a change to my business plans.  Instead of consulting as an independent consultant I’ve formed “Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting” with myself at the helm of this new company.

There is no need to worry that services received from Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting will be any different from what my customers have received from me in the past.  In the future as the company grows only the top consultants will be asked to join the company.

With the new company name comes a new website which you’ll find at www.dcac.co.  The website is a duplicate of the site which was the mrdenny.com website, but the homepage has been updated with the new company information.  If you are in need of consulting services you are welcome to contact me through either website.


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